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because we're all friends....

So I'm in this awesome club, we're all friends, including CED, unfortunately, and on Friday one of our members who graduated and went to the other side of the world came back to visit. I ended up having to be in close proximity to CED, but I made the most of it and just never looked at her. She said things to me, but I didn't respond if I didn't have to. Our visiting friend gave us all gifts and mine was a wooden block puzzle that I managed to solve all by myself. When said visiting friend tried to do it, CED came by to try saying that she happens to be good at puzzle things.. they couldn't figure it out between the two of them. So much for beign good at puzzles. <_< I didn't like that she was playing with my puzzle, but visiting friend was there and I didn't want to be a big baby so I let it slide. Later we all went for Thai food and I managed to avoid CED while eating, so it wasn't so bad. I kinda knew CED would probably show up to our Friday meeting even though she hasn't been all semester so far, mostly because visiting friend was visiting.

Last week, I also found out that CED had contacted another graduated friend of ours asking for her to be negotiator between me and CED. Graduated friend told me about it, but knew that it wouldn't really be happening because she knows me too well. xP I just wonder how this will be handled on CED's end. =x

P.S. Around the start of the CED trouble, there was a point when roomie had to leave her key with our neighbor to put her laptop away after they used it so CED was able to follow along into the room while we weren't in. She mixed up my twisty puzzles before she left. Poo on her for touching other people's things. Dx



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