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Breaking up..

So the other day CED came knocking on my door looking for my roomie, but Roomie was in class. But CED was crying.. She looked so miserable I actually wanted to hug her - blech. I had to ask what was wrong in case it was serious. Apparently, her BF broke up with her. Granted they both made me gag when I saw them together, but I was sure they'd be gross together forever. Looks like the BF had a change of heart. And CED wasn't expecting it. So CED left knowing we're on the outs. I immediately checked facebook and her BF, now ex I guess, had already changed his status to single - how low. So later that night when Roomie was in, CED stopped by asking if it was ok to enter the room. I figured it was her problem day so whatever and waved her in. She asked if we could have a truce.. I meh-ed and went back to writing my paper. I sort of participated in the following conversation. Then CED tried to be friendly about seeing my musical instrument and saying she had one too and that we should jam sometime. Yeah, ok, sure. <_< Later in the week she stopped by to see Roomie again and this time our guy friend was visiting too. There was random conversation while I finished another short paper. This time, CED apologized for overreacting about things and screwing up and that I should call her out next time she did again. I assured her I had no problem in doing so. So I guess we're sort of interacting again. But I don't really want to. The hate though has dissipated and now I just don't really care what she does. She's trying to be friendly again and I feel obligated to acknowledge it because she just got shit on by her BF. I guess she's somewhat glad this happened because now she can get in our room again and talk to Roomie. I just hope she doesn't make it a habit of visiting more and more frequently..



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